Assessment of Community Health Needs Report Published

28 Jun. 2017

Since 2014, Action for Reproductive Health conducts an in-depth assessment of the health needs of the community which ARH serves. This major health needs assessment takes place in the third quarter of the year. The purpose of the assessment is to determine the most urgent need of the community, and to make plans to address that specific issue.

Previous Assessment Reports + Actions

In 2014, ARH undertook an assessment which indicated a need for electricity and a counselor to better improve maternal services in the community. The leadership of ARH ran a successful fundraising campaign, and as a result, was able to hire a health counselor in 2015. ARH also purchased a solar panel and lighting to bring light to the remote medical health clinic.

Findings in 2016

In the third quarter of last year (2016,) ARH and its partners determined a critical need for a transporting sick and pregnant women from the remote corners of the community to the local health clinic. Together with ARH, those partners agreed to address the need for a laboratory and a motorcycle ambulance.

Following the study, ARH dedicated the remainder of 2016 to finding partners, fund-raising for the laboratory, and searching for a laboratory technician.

Work in 2016

As can often be the case, ultimately ARH’s focus and resources were required in other areas of support and development. Over the course of last year, ARH undertook the following work:

  • Evaluation of the ongoing work
  • Meetings with prospective partners
  • Working with Ministry of Health to organize a national fistula conference
  • Donation of single solar lights for primary seven girls
  • Fund-raising walk for a laboratory in Nyabushenyi
  • Maternal health cluster meetings at MOH
  • Educational activities including talks, discussions, and a play on male involvement performed by
  • ARH artists and community members
  • Radio talk show on the role of a husband/ partner, District health office, ARH and community in improving maternal and child health

Access ARH’s 2016 Report

Download ARH’s 2016 Assessment of Community Needs (PDF)