Support Us

As a non-profit, we work very hard to address the significant reproductive and maternal health needs of Uganda. There is much to do and we require your assistance to maximise our effectiveness. We encourage you to get in touch to see how you can help us in our fight.


Donations of all sorts are most welcome.  We are currently looking for major donors and patrons who can make significant financial donations.  We are also seeking partners who can donate the medical supplies that are so badly needed in the rural clinics and health centres of Uganda.


The more help that we can garner the better.  We are particularly looking for volunteers to help raise awareness about our new organisation — and about the reproductive and health needs of women in Uganda. We are especially eager to recruit men to help with this important task.


As an organisation, we know that we are new to this game.  Although our founders have been involved in development and medical work for decades, we are a new non-profit. We know that we have a lot to learn. We welcome your input and thoughts.

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