Health,Partnership and Challenges

10 Jan. 2019

ARH Article  by Ms Clare Mirembe August 2018
Down the now well renovated road to Ntungamo district, thanks to the government we arrived at the district headquarters of Ntungamo, so welcoming, we got updated on Nyabusenyi health center that we have been working with in the past 6 years in partnership with the district. And we are happy to hear it is being considered to be promoted to a grade 3 health center from grade 2.
Wondering what are the requirements of a health center 3, am told we get a doctor at the clinic and we have in patients, so we are able to have more other medical professionals at the center, more medical equipment and infrastructure. Wow to that because that will be an achievement, for nyabusenyi health center 2.
Nyabusenyi health center 2 is in Ntugamo district located at Nyabihoko sub county, Nyabushenyi village at the top of the hill. This health center provides maternal health services to an estimate of 60 mothers every month. It has one midwife, who has really done a very remarkable job since 2013 and the counselor that many mothers in this region depend on to bring forth new life in the world. We are proud of them.
Up the bumpy rugged. road with so many stones we were able to get to the top of the hill; where many mothers have given birth and we were surprised by the good turn up of mothers for antennal care every Wednesday. Many of them young and first-time mothers, you could see the anxiety on their faces. Nevertheless, they exhibited trust in achieving the best services from the health center they only have.
We had an opportunity to empower them with nutrition facts especially for expectant mothers and children, we were also able to provide all the mothers in attendance with seeds of vegetables that is beetroot, Sakuma wiki and tomatoes to plant near their homes for nutrition purposes. This was also an economic empowerment strategy for these mothers, after attaining the nutrition value from those vegetables it can also be used as an income generating project.
Having been assured at the District that Nyabushenyi health center is on the verge of an upgrade this was really a step forward to their dream as well as ARH dream for this health center to one day become a fully developed health center that will not only look at maternal and child health but also other major health issues in the community. We are thankful to the community in Nyabushenyi for fighting for their health needs and ARH will walk this journey together with them towards improving health services at this center.