Aims and Objectives

Our Aims

  • To contribute to the improvement of maternal and reproductive health in rural Uganda by involving men in health care decisions.
  • To strengthen the institutional and human resource capacities of key actors including local governments, health centres, communities, and men and women involved in reproductive health, focussed on improving reproductive and maternal health.

Our Objectives

  • To contribute to the improvement of access to quality maternal and reproductive health services in rural areas of Uganda by involving men as the main advocates for reproductive health.
  • To strengthen the capacities in terms of knowledge enhancement, skills upgrading, attitude change, data and information gathering, analysis and dissemination of key actors (both men and women) involved in reproductive health to meet reproductive, maternal and child health needs.
  • To broaden and enhance the prevention of diseases which threaten maternal health, including STD’s and HIV/AIDS, through involving men in activities of prevention, care and support.
  • To support government policy, UN SDG 3, decision-making processes and quality through
    the provision of well researched empirical data and information relevant to reproductive and maternal health.
  • To support rural communities, central and local government agencies, and relevant civil society organisations to assess and mobilize local and external resources for improving reproductive and maternal health.

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