Highlighting Cancer Treatment in Uganda and the Impact on Maternal and Reproductive Health

7 Dec. 2012

The news agency PRI, through its programme The World, has been reporting this month on cancer treatment in the developing world and in particular, the treatment of cancer in rural Uganda. At ARH, we are grateful for the in-depth coverage and applaud PRI for raising awareness about this important issue.

In considering the treatment of cancer as it relates to maternal and reproductive health in rural Uganda, ARH’s Executive Director, Francoise R. Kauzya, offered the following thoughts:

“Cervical cancer, breast cancer and ovarian cancer are significant health issues in Uganda. Yet, even more problematic is prostate cancer. In Uganda, there is reluctance among men to seek testing and treatment for this form of cancer. We’ll continue to raise awareness about these important health issues.”

Read the full article and study on The PRI website:


To learn more about what Action for Reproductive Health is doing to help improve reproductive and sexual health in rural Uganda, we ask that you contact Francoise R. Kauyza, the Executive Director of ARH. Mrs. Kauzya can be reach via email at f.kauzya@arhtogether.org and via telephone at +001 732 423 2370.