Fighting hard for the rights and welfare of pregnant women in Uganda

3 Jul. 2012

In June 2012, a group of activists in Uganda took their demands for better maternal healthcare to the Supreme Court in Kampala, asking the court to declare that women’s rights are violated when they die in childbirth. The activists’ move follows the refusal of Uganda’s constitutional court to make that ruling. The San Francisco Chronicle detailed the story in full.

At Action for Reproductive Health, we have long been aware of the pressing health needs facing pregnant women in Uganda. We certainly understand the medical dangers that pregnant women face in Uganda. That knowledge of and appreciation for those significant medical hurdles were key factors in the founding of our organisation.

Uganda loses 16 women in childbirth daily, with most deaths occurring in rural villages where poor transportation links and a lack of money make it very hard for pregnant women to reach health centres. Moreover, an insufficient supply of adequate equipment and inadequate staffing to provide maternal health and pregnancy-related services limit the effectiveness of Uganda’s rural hospitals and clinics. (Uganda has a population of approximately 35 million people.)

To learn more about what Action for Reproductive Health is doing to help improve reproductive and sexual health in rural Uganda, we ask that you contact Francoise R. Kauyza, the Executive Director of ARH. Mrs. Kauzya can be reach via email at and via telephone at +001 732 423 2370.